EKB's DLP® E4750LCG-OX, 2000 Lumens Green Light Control production module is an easy-to-use platform for a wide variety of industrial applications like 3D scanning, 3D printing, Robotic and Cobot Vision, medical imaging, automated optical inspection (AOI) and facial recognition.

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EKB's DLP® E4750LCG-OX 520nm On Axis 2000 Lumens Green Light Control module (EVM) is an easy-to-use evaluation platform for a wide variety of industrial applications like 3D scanning, 3D printing, medical imaging and automated optical inspection (AOI). It supports two configurable input triggers and one configurable output trigger to allow convenient synchronization with cameras, sensors, or other peripheral devices. The EVM features a DLP4710 (.47 1080p) digital micromirror device (DMD), 2 DLPC3479 display and light controller and a DLPA3005 PMIC/LED driver. It comes equipped with a production ready optical engine and offers a compelling combination of resolution (Full HD), brightness, speed and programmability in a small form factor.
The E-4750RGBLC includes boards, optical engine, DMD, flex and LED cables and is designed for a maximum LED current of 16 A.

  • Up to 1440 Hz Binary Pattern Rate
  • Up to 2000 Lumens Green illumination off projection lens
  • 0% offset; contrast ratio: 750:1; Uniformity >92% JBMA
  • Throw Ratio 1.2 ; Distortion <1% ; Image size: 38” @ 1m
  • DLP4710, DLP .47 1080p DMD
  • DLPC3479, Digital Controller for the DLP4710 DMD
  • DLPA3005, PMIC/LED Driver for the DLP4710 DMD and DLPC3479 controller
  • Production ready LED optical engine from EKB Technologies
  • DLP4710, DLPC3479 Configuration and Support Firmware
  • To Download STEP FILE Press here: E4750LC

*The 0.47" DMD is designed to work in visible light spectrum. Reduction in lifetime is expected at shorter wavelengths.
No warranty is provided when DMD is used outside 420-700nm range.