Zeev Zalevsky, PhD, Professor
Co-Op and professional advisor

Micro Optics Specialist

Professor Zeev Zalevsky, PhD is the Head of the Electro-Optics study program at the Faculty of Engineering and Director of the Nano Photonics Center at the Institute of Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA). Professor Zeev Zalevsky, PhD holds several patents, academic papers, and is an accomplished author of several books and accredited textbooks in his field, as well as an accomplished Editor and Editor in Chief in several well-respected Journals including popular science journals around the World. Highly respected among his peers and in his field, Professor Zeev Zalevsky, PhD participates as a member and chairman in several significant associations and boards across the World from Israel, United States of America, Germany, Spain, Athens, and Australia, and remains active with his varied activities.